Drone Flying: A Practical Guide

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From smartphones and the apps they employ, social media and instantaneous updates, to autonomous and robotic devices that can assist in our day-to-day living; the Internet has grown and evolved over the past two decades and is truly becoming the ‘Internet of Things’. In defining some of those things, we can now also include drones. Although the world of remote control has existed to a relatively small but dedicated community for decades, changing social behaviors and ease-of-access to sophisticated but cheap, easy to use and mass produced technology has allowed for the growth in consumer level drones.

This book is generic, logical and applicable to as wide an audience as possible, but ideal for those who are new to the world of drones. Online videos, forums and manufacturer’s webpages are all sources of great information but they’re not necessarily helpful to someone who’s new and interested in this exciting and still evolving field. Terminology, jargon, acronyms and other references can appear to be in a foreign language to a newcomer and because there is so much information available it can sometimes be hard to know where to begin.

This book is broken into two sections: the fundamental concepts at the start and practical tips and guides towards the end. Some topics that we explore include an overview of drones, the principles of flight, fundamentals of weather, safe flying, assessing the conditions, checklists, flight planning and travel.

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