Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy through Drone Fun UK?

Because we’re great!

But seriously . . . we aim to provide you with the best possible buying experience;

  • The best prices on the web, trusted sellers and a secure payment system all courtesy of
  • We do a lot of the filtering leg-work for you to save you hours of scrolling through stuff you don’t want
  • Often we find really unique clothing designs that you might not see as we trawl through all that’s available on Amazon

As we like to say;

Get Trusted Advice and Amazon Price

What’s not to like?

What is an Amazon Associate?

We are an Amazon Associate site – Amazon allows us to advertise their products and in return pays us a small commission for everything you buy. This commission comes out of the charges that sellers pay to Amazon, there are no additional costs to you. The price you pay, buying through, is the same one you’d pay if you bought directly through Amazon.

The design, layout, structure and content of the site is entirely down to us. We’ve chosen a highly interactive and responsive design that, we hope, gives you the best buying experience and helps you to find precisely what you’re looking for.

Is your site safe and secure?

Absolutely – you’ll notice that we are an “https://” site, the ‘s’ indicates we have SSL certified security protecting us… and you.

You have no need to worry about your personal / confidential information as all this is handled by Amazon, we don’t have any access to your Amazon account details, bank details or anything like that. Once you’ve added your items to the cart you will be automatically transferred to Amazon to make your payment.

So you can buy with complete confidence.

Why do I see a price range?

If you see a product with a price range, it means there are options or alternatives. You need to select the option you want – maybe colour or size – then the price will update.

So how do you make money?

The price you pay here is the same price you’ll pay buying directly through Amazon.

We earn a small commission, paid by Amazon, for introducing you to the products and helping you with your buying decision.

What experience do you have?

I’m a professional Fine Art and Commercial photographer with a passion for creating pictures.

You can take a look at my work at or @photosbypjc in Instagram.

I’m also a passionate (amateur) drone flyer, following all the latest news and product updates – so I thought I’d combine the two and start this website.

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