About Drone Fun UK and the Amazon Associates Program

Who Are We?

Drone Fun UK started out in 2017 as a website for drone lovers giving trusted buying advice, flying tips and great offers through the Amazon Associate program.

It was, and still is, run by Fine Art and Commercial photographer, Paul Chapman, who lives in Berkshire in the UK.

You can take a look at Paul’s photographic portfolio by clicking the image below.

Benefits to You

Over the course of the past 15 months or so, we realised that more people were interested buying accessories and tshirts than actual drone hardware.

So in February 2019 we took the decision to rebrand and become the best place to buy Dronewear – drone tshirts, drone hoodies, drone caps etc. drone accessories – tablets, memory cards, stickers, books etc. and drone equipment like drone safety warning signs, safety tape, flight log books etc.

As someone interested in buying and flying drones, this site will (hopefully) help you with your purchasing decision.

Our aim is to make sure you don’t waste money on poor products and help you get the best deal on Drone clothing and drone accessories.

Check our Glossary section where we explain some of the most common Drone-related terms and phrases.

We have pages of buying advice for Beginner and Intermediate flyers.

Drone safety is (or should be) everyone’s number one priority and so we also offer some advice on how to have fun and fly safe.

There’s a blog where we write about our flying experiences, new models, do’s and don’ts etc.

And of course you can join the fun on social media.

Click on the icons at the top of the home page – we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – and keep up to date with Drone news.

How It Works

The Amazon Associates program allows people to set up web sites such as this, offering help and advice on a particular topic (in this case Drones). We then earn a small commission from the sale of Amazon products bought through the site.

The buyer (that’s you) pays the same amount for the product and gets the usual first class Amazon service from trusted Amazon providers. The Associate (that’s me) is paid a small % by Amazon.

So it’s a Win-Win

You get the best prices from the World’s leading online market place using trusted sellers and a secure payment processes PLUS advice, reviews and tips from us to help you with your buying decisions so you have the most fun flying drones.

Why the Pink Banner?

For 2019 we’ve teamed up with DronesForCrohns – a fundraising aerial photography competition which aims to raise money for Crohn’s and Colitis UK. You can read more about it here.